Electronic Health Records Save Lives  7 Health Care Tips

Electronic Health Records Save Lives 7 Health Care Tips

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The medical and financial benefits to electronic health care records are widely recognized. It is important to have a patient’s medical history right at a doctor’s finger tips. Tragedies such as Hurricane Katrina, with the capability to wipe out entire medical history records, illustrated the importance of electronic health care records.

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I would suggest … I would suggest that you type like a normal human being or go take some grammar courses. Anyway, this course is done now and has been for ONE YEAR! It was a paper about something that I barely gave a about, in a class that I barely cared about. My final result was an A but you, you with your text talk, will get less than that.

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Thank You. I’m … Thank You. I’m writing a paper on EHRs for my college writing class. This helped greatly.

Quick and … Quick and convenient access to medical records is definitely driving this trend. Check out our “Enabling the move to electronic medical records” video for a real-life look at how the process works and the infrastructure needed to support it.

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