Spicy Smoked Fish

Spicy Smoked Fish

Spicy Smoked fish (FIVE-SPICY BRAISED GRASS CARP ) is one of the Chinese New Year Food Recipes, Best Dish with Wine.


Get the ingredients you need:

2 2/3 lbs. grass carp (centermost cut) , 2 scallions, 2 amber slices

SEASONINGS for Spicy Smoked Fish:

(1) 2T soy sauce,1T affable wine,1/4t5spice powder

(2) 3T ketchup,2T soy sauce, 1T affable wine, 1T vinegar, 1/2t minced ginger, 1/4t salt, 1 /4t5spice powder, 1/2C water

METHODS to cook Spicy Smoked Fish:

1. Halve alternating the back,then allotment angle aslant into three diamond-shaped pieces,marinate in condiment (1), scallion and amber for 20 minutes.

2. Heat 5C oil,deep-fry angle until aureate brown, remove,discard oil.

3. Heat 2T oil,stir-fry condiment (2) evenly.return angle to wok.reduce calefaction to low.cook until the acidity is absorbed, abolish and abode on a confined plate.Makes 6 servings.


1,grass carp may be commissioned for the Pomfret.

2, The meat of the centermost allocation of a grass bother is added complete, but it is added expensive. lt is cheaper to acquirement it with the tail. When not confined guests. it may be eaten that way.

3, This bowl is bigger served cold. lt may be fabricated in ample amounts and again stored in the refrigerator.

4, 1C (cup)=150ml; 1T (Table Spoon)=15ml; 1t(tea spoon)=5ml, 1/2t(tea spoon)=2.5ml, 1/4t(tea spoon)=1.2ml

Tips:If you like,you can pake Spicy Smoked Fish with Sichuan Peppers which numbs and gives you tingles in your mouth.

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