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Desi''s Holiday Health Challenge
starts Nov. 19 - win FREE OsoLean
What? For six-weeks a group of 10 people who want to
lose/maintain their weight during the holidays will be kept
accountable and feel empowered to make smart holiday
decisions! Each person who completes each of the calls for the
six-week series will earn a free OsoLean! *The series is FREE!
To learn more join in on our Nov. 19 call at 8:30 p.m.
NUMBER: (218) 936-7979 dial in code: 676904

Specifically what one might notice after taking glyconutrients:

The ability to back off your prescriptions. *Note: working with a doctor as well.
An overall sense of well being.
An increase in energy - steady energy.
Your body repairing itself more quickly and effectively to maintain

or reach optimal health.

Desi Resouces promotes good health through drinking pure water, eating for optimal
health and energy, exercise and proper supplementation.

Desi works with people like you to tailor a supplement program based on your needs,
concerns, desires, goals and budget. Desi uses a medical doctor''s protocol in
recommending a blend of patented glyco supplements, which provide raw materials for
the body to use to promote optimal cellular communication between cells.

These glycos - coming from the study of Glycobiology, have helped people deal with
auto-immune diseases, degenerative diseases, skin conditions, cancer and many
more health problems. They''re also perfect for someone who wants to feel better,
increase their energy and sense of well-being.

These glycos support proper gland and organ function, proper system function,
including your natural defense and endocrine systems, and optimal health. The study
of glcyonutrients is now being taught in medical school (refer to Harper''s Biochemistry
textbook). They are considered a newly classified missing category of nutrients.
These saccharides found in plants are in a safe, non-toxic, food-form.

Glycos have been quoted by many doctors and scientists as a top-10 technology that
will change the world.